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Why playing piano is making people happier and healthier?

Learning piano is beneficial for people in every age and in every situation. Playing piano you are getting happier, healthier, building stronger connections with people around you and living more fulfilled life. 
There are at least 6 good reasons to start learning piano. You should consider learning piano, if you want to:

  1. sharpen your concentration
  2. improve your emotional intelligence
  3. increase your memory capacity
  4. improve your management skills
  5. make your life happier and more successful
  6. develop stronger connections with people around you

Start your journey as a pianist now. The first lesson is free. Therefore, you have no risk. Also, we will help you to purchase or rent an instrument suitable to your particular needs and that you can afford.

Develop stronger bond between siblings and parents

Playing music together will build connection between your loved ones and make your family stronger. You benefit from:

  • the lessons for siblings and parents together
  • the quality time spent playing in an ensemble
  • the magic moments in your life and a stronger connection between you and your children
  • We encourage families to play music together and offer special discounts for siblings and relatives. Please, ask for more intermation.
What is the right age to start?

Start playing music with your children as soon as possible. Music affects all areas of child development, especialy skills for school readiness, including intellectual, social-emotional, motor, language, and overall literacy. The body and the mind work together allowing your children to use their full intellectual potential. Playing music during early development helps children learn the sounds and meanings of words.

What benefits of playing piano can we observe in our young students?
  • Playing the piano is rewarding since our students will have their first success already in the first lesson
  • Producing music develops the brain
  • Our students are better-than-average at school
  • They are better organized and develop better social skills
  • They are healthier!
  • Playing for others they develop higher self-esteem
  • Through daily exercises, they learn discipline, which makes them more successful in reaching their goals, even those that are not related to music
  • They feel simply happy and lead more fulfilled life

We believe that music is here to make players and listeners happy. Therefore, our highest priority is: 

Music for Happiness – Happy Stars!

We offer
  • Piano & Theory lessons for Kids & Adults, as well as for parents together with their children
  • Piano play and composition
  • Preparation for graded exams and concerts
  • Russian Piano School
  • Holistic approach: we develop music skills and strong personality skills
  • Tuition in English, German, and Russian is possible
  • Theory of music for all grades
  • History of music for all grades
  • Music Coaching as emotional management, e.g. in grief, defining life phases, pre-natal time for better development of your baby and a closer connection between you and your baby, and other occasions).
Healthy body and mind: Music coaching for EI (emotional intelligence)

“Almost all children respond to music. Music is an open-sesame, and if you can use it carefully and appropriately, you can reach into that child’s potential for development.”

Dr. Clive Robbins was a British music therapist, special needs educator, and co-founder of Nordoff-Robbins music therapy. The Nordoff-Robbins approach to music therapy was originally developed as a therapy for children with psychological, physical, or developmental disabilities.

We offer Music Coaching in pre-natal time for better development of your baby and closer connection between you and your baby.

Our students are
  • Children 3 to 5 years old in small groups – our little stars
  • Children from 5 years old seeking to achieve higher performance and prepare themselves for graded music exams and for concerts
  • Adults, who would like to fulfill their dream and to learn piano
  • Lessons for parents and children together, giving them the possibility to spend quality time and play in an ensemble. Interested parents can choose different forms of an ensemble: e.g. 4-handed play, piano with another instrument, or piano with the singing. Playing in an ensemble will create magic moments in your life and build a stronger connection between you and your child.

The gift of music education is more than just a gift

About Us

Swetlana Reder M.A.
Piano teacher & Concertmaster since 1989 (Diploma); Cultural Studies (M.A.); Coach (certified by EAIC – European Association for Integrative Coaching); Book writer & Psychologist i.e. (University in Hagen, Germany)

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