Data Protection

For Clients of Piano Repertoire Club (Membership)

Who we are

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Our Privacy Policy: Privacy Policy

What personal data we collect and why we collect it

We collect information about you during the signup process as well as some basic activities such as the dates you make purchases, login to the site, or cancel/pause/resume your subscriptions with us.

What we collect and store

When you subscribe with us, we’ll ask you to provide an email address. We’ll use this information for purposes, such as, to:

  • — Send you information about your account and subscriptions. This may include payment receipts, password reset emails, and payment reminders.
  • — Create your membership account

How long we retain your data

We store information about you for as long as your account exists.

Who on our team has access

Members of our team have access to the information you provide us. For example, site Owner/Administrators can access:

  • — Order information such as your membership subscriptions, payment dates and amounts, and username / email address.

Any additional information added in your Member Profile can also be visible to the Administrator(s).

What we share with others

We share information with third parties who help us provide additional contact services to you; for example – Google Analytics, MailChimp, and others.


We accept payments through PayPal and Stripe. When processing payments, some of your data will be passed to PayPal and Stripe including information required to process or support the payment, such as the purchase total and billing information.Please see the PayPal Privacy Policy and Stripe Privacy Policy for more details.

For Clients of Music Academy Malta (individual tuition)

Protecting your data, and your rights under the GDPR is a priority for us and we will continue to review our processes as our business evolves.

By using our services you agree to the use of the data that we collect in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

We are committed to protecting your privacy

We collect the minimum amount of information about you that is commensurate with providing you with a satisfactory service.

Information collected

We may collect any or all of the information that you give us depending on the type of transaction you enter into, including your name, address, telephone number and email address, together with data about your use of our services.

How and why we process your personal data

To enroll a child in our lessons or register your interest in our service, you need to provide some personal data:

  • Your Contact Details
  • Product Preferences
  • Your Child’s Information (Name, School, Year Group, any relevant Medical / Educational Notes)
    • We consider Medical Notes you provide to be Special Category Data, and our legal basis for storing this is to protect the Vital Interests of your child. For example, when your child is in our care, knowing about life-threatening allergies helps us to keep them safe.

To effectively delivery our service, we may also store a record of your:

  • Communication History with us (e.g. copies of emails, or notes about phone calls)
  • Billing History
  • Child’s Lesson Attendance

If you are a paying customer, you might be required to provide depending on what kind of payment you choose:

  • Bank Details or Credit/Debit Card Details
    • These will be stored and processed by specialist third party payment processing suppliers. We do not store a copy of any credit/debit card details.

Recording your child’s performances (video/photo/audio)

With your consent, we may film, photograph and record your child’s musical performance as an optional part of the educational experience we deliver. Any images/recordings are published separately from your personal data, and you are able to take part in ESM services without opting-in to this part of our product.

Our Legal Basis for processing your personal data

  • For active customers, our Legal Basis for collecting and processing your personal data is our Contract with you.
  • For prospective customers (e.g. if you join our waiting list) our Legal Basis is your intention to enter into a Contract with us.
  • For recording (video/photo/audio) our Legal Basis for processing this data is Consent.

How and when we share your personal data

  • We may share details of your personal data such as a phone number or email address with your music teacher to ensure lessons run smoothly.

How long we store your data

We store your data for up to three years after:

  • You finish as an active customer; or
  • Your last contact with us

Information use

We use the information collected primarily to deliver our services to you. Data collected is held in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). All reasonable precautions are taken to prevent unauthorised access to this information.

Disclosing information

We do not disclose any personal information obtained about you to third parties except when we need to do so in order to deliver our service to you, when required to do so by law, or with your consent.

Keeping you informed

We may use your information to keep in contact with you and inform you of developments associated with our business. You will be given the opportunity to remove yourself from any mailing list or similar device.

Changes to this policy

Any changes to our Privacy Policy will be updated here on our website and will supersede this version of our Policy. We will take reasonable steps to draw your attention to any changes in our Policy.

Contact Us

Music Academy Malta
Swetlana Reder

59, Triq il-Parrocca
MLH1066 Mellieha
t.: +356 7777 1827

Your rights under the GDPR

You have qualified rights to access, rectify and erase your personal data, and to restrict or object to processing, and to make your data portable. You have the right to complain to a Supervisory Authority.


Photography & Filming Consent

MAM (Music Academy Malta) wants to promote and celebrate its student’s musical activity through recorded media. This material will contain images of students that have participated in various activities/events as a performer and maybe shared via social media and the ESM website.

The interests and wellbeing of our students are paramount and MAM ensures that all necessary steps are taken to protect children and young people at all times from the inappropriate use of images. Conditions of use:

  • The consent is valid for the period of time your child attends MAM.
  • We will only use images of pupils in suitable dress.
  • We will not use the personal details or full names (first name and surname) of any child in a photographic image or video, on social media, our website or any other printed publications without additional consent.
  • It is your responsibility to let us know if you withdraw consent at any time.
  • If you ever have any concerns regarding inappropriate/intrusive photography, please report these to us immediately.

Online Safety Agreement 

The interests and wellbeing of our students are paramount and MAM follows strict and legal Safeguarding protocols that ensure that all necessary steps are taken to protect children and young people at all times.

  • We recognise that:
    • The online world provides everyone with many opportunities; however, it can also present risks and challenges.
      MAM has a duty to ensure that all children, young people and adults involved in our organisation are protected from potential harm online.
    • All our tutors have a clear understanding of our child protection and safeguarding measures.
    • All online lessons will be conducted by our tutors from an MAM account which will not be for personal use. 
    • Tutors will dress appropriately and conduct lessons in a suitable location.
  • Please can parents/students ensure:
    • Skype or other online tutoring platforms are to be used for lessons and information around lessons only and not for any other contact with our tutors, e.g. sharing photos or general messaging. 
    • It is suggested that parents/students to restrict their own profiles so that they can only receive calls from known contacts.
    • Whilst online lessons are taking place, please can students wear appropriate clothing and behave in an appropriate manner, just as you would with a face-to-face lesson.
  • If student/parent or teacher feel that any of the above points have been breached, terminate the call immediately and communicate the reason afterwards. If further action is needed or you have any concerns regarding inappropriate behaviour, please report this immediately to:

Bank detailes for payments

Swetlana Reder
IBAN: LT903250043811954402